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Pocket and butterfly knives are very practical, especially for self-defence, hunting in the woods, camping, cooking activities, survival courses or as a gift. Are you the manager of a gun shop or a cutlery shop? Are you looking for a wholesale distributor of pocket knives or butterfly knives with strong blades and ergonomic handles? CLICK ARMS will meet your expectations.


Discover our catalogue of pocket knives at attractive prices


CLICK ARMS has been a distributor and wholesaler for gunsmiths and defence professionals since 1999. We offer a wide variety of pocket knives, also known as folding knives, at wholesale prices. Their blade is made of stainless steel with an assisted opening system. The size of the blade varies from 4 to 12 cm depending on the model of pocket knife or penknife.

The handles of the folding knives in our stock are made of aluminium, steel, wood or abs with usually an original pattern. You can make your choice depending on the type of pocket knife or handle you want to offer your customers. With several folding knives with different markings on the handle for example, you will have something to satisfy all tastes. You will find in our collection several models of :

  • pocket knife with skull and crossbones marking and stainless steel blade,
  • third folding knife with wolf marking,
  • pocket knife with USA ARMY marking,
  • third pocket knife with wave printing,
  • tactical folding knife with SWAT marking and stainless steel blade,
  • pocket knife with firearm marking,
  • pocket knife with Air Force One marking and steel blade,
  • third tactical folding knife with wood pattern handle, etc.

Different colours are also available, both for the handle and the blade (green, black, gold...). Most of our pocket knives, available at attractive prices, have a glass tip handle and can be used for cutting seat belts.


Order wholesale butterfly knives of the highest quality


In addition to folding knives and pocket knives, CLick Arms also offers high-quality butterfly knives. The blades are made of stainless steel with different finishes (silver, rainbow, satin, gold...). The size of the stainless steel blade varies from 9 to 13 cm depending on the butterfly knife model.

We have butterfly knives with blade thicknesses of 2.3 mm, 2.9 mm, 3 mm, etc., to choose from depending on the products you wish to have in your stock. Other selection criteria to be found in the description of each piece or model are the total length (blade + handle), the net weight, the handle material and the price of the knife.

The handle of our butterfly knives is generally made of stainless steel or aluminium. These are metals that are resistant to corrosion. Most of them are covered with a special marking or printing. That is why you will find in our selection at interesting prices, several models of third butterfly knife with Rainbow pattern, butterfly knife with sword pattern, butterfly knife with bicycle chain, stainless steel butterfly knife with silver blade, etc.

And to practice using a butterfly knife, we also offer some so-called "training" models with a non-sharp blade.


Enjoy fast delivery of our knives anywhere in Europe


Click Arms ships your order within 24 hours anywhere in Europe. This means that you will receive your chosen folding or butterfly knives quickly in our shop. In addition to pocket knives and butterfly knives, we also offer tactical folding knives with sheaths, steel throwing knives and various types of stainless steel machetes or katanas at low prices.

We also offer displays to help you sell stainless steel knives. Check out our catalogue of pocket knives and butterfly knives to read more about these products. Log in to see the price or ask for a quote based on the number of pieces required, the type of blade and the handle required.