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Defence weapons distributor for gunsmiths

Do you own a gunsmith's shop, a hunting shop or are you a defence professional? Click Arms, your defence weapons wholesaler for gunsmiths, offers you a wide range of products at the best prices. Don't hesitate to consult our catalogue of quality items to choose the ones that suit your needs and your clientele.

Wholesale Alarm weapons

Genuine replicas of real firearms, alarm weapons are defensive pistols that use blank cartridges. All the alarm weapon models we offer can also propel pepper gas or CS gas, depending on the ammunition used. In general, the alarm weapons available in our stock of defence products are used by customers for home defence. They emit a loud bang to scare off potential attackers.

As an importer and wholesaler of alarm weapons for gunsmiths and defence professionals, Click Arms also offers a wide range of defence weapons. These accessories are capable of firing rubber bullets, thanks in particular to an adaptor that screws onto the barrel. We offer blank guns from the Blow brand, which is exclusive to us in France. Our alarm weapons (blank guns) are approved by the National Proof House in Saint-Étienne.

Wholesale Umarex projectile weapons

Highly dissuasive and non-lethal, our projectile weapons can also be used to protect yourself while remaining at a distance from the aggressor. Whether it's a revolver, pistol or rifle, our defensive projectile weapons are specially designed to fire hard rubber ball-type projectiles to neutralise a potential assailant. Depending on the model, our defensive weapons are also capable of firing mixed steel and plastic projectiles or neutralising pepper balls.

Our projectile weapons can also be used for target practice. These include the TP50 (HDP50) Cal 50 pistol and the T4E TR68 Cal 68 revolver. As an importer and wholesaler of defensive weapons for gunsmiths, Click Arms has selected a range of projectile revolvers and pistols at very competitive prices. Our wide range of projectile weapons and accessories includes :

  • defensive pistols
  • defensive rifles
  • defensive revolvers,
  • hard rubber and metal pellets and pepper ammunition.

From pistols and revolvers to rifles, our defensive projectile weapons come in a range of calibres and powers. They're also easy to handle. Buy projectile weapons at wholesale prices from Click Arms.