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Wholesale BLOW blank defence weapons, alarm weapons - CLICK ARMS

Exclusive distributor of BLOW blank weapons

In France, Click Arms is considered as one of the leaders in the wholesale of blank guns for professional customers only. Whether it's assault rifles, pistols or alarm revolvers, we are the wholesaler you are looking for for a quick and easy purchase. Your wholesaler also provides white ammunition packs with the right caliber for each pistol, revolver or alarm rifle. Contact our team to enjoy fast and secure delivery of blank ammunition at the best price.

Why choose Click Arms for the wholesale purchase of blank guns?

Our blank guns (rifles, pistols, revolvers) as well as the accompanying blank ammunition are sold in bulk to gun shops and defence professionals. We are a wholesale importer of blank guns with a proven track record in the industry for many years. Click Arms has a large stock of top quality blanks available at very attractive prices. This stock of defensive rifles, blank revolvers and alarm pistols is constantly renewed to ensure the permanent availability of the desired models.

Because your customers do not wait, we have the appropriate logistics to ensure bulk deliveries within the set deadlines. We work with international transporters who ensure the safe transportation of blank weapons purchased in bulk. This way we guarantee the integrity of the defensive weapons and blank ammunition right up to the delivery point. 

wholesale of blank weapons


Defence blank weapons available at the best price

Your blank guns wholesaler offers you items with the best quality-price ratio. Whether it's a blank gun or an alarm revolver, our products incorporate the know-how of the best manufacturing brands on the market. Click Arms is the exclusive distributor of the Blow brand in France. Blow guns from this brand are some of the best performing guns on the market. We enable gun shops to offer their customers exceptional quality equipment (alarm pistols, blank cartridges, revolvers, assault rifles). Click Arms offers you a wide choice of models and colors for your blank guns purchased in bulk.

Browse our online inventory to order your Blow F92 blank pistol lots at great prices in the style and finish of your choice: smoked, satin, black, chrome, etc. In our stock and for bulk deliveries, you can find a Blow F92 Black blank gun with 9 mm caliber or a Bruni Top Firing Minigap Black alarm gun with 8 mm caliber. The same goes for revolvers and assault rifles with blank ammunition, which we offer at unbeatable prices. 

The wholesale prices we set for our blank guns also allow dealers to make good margins on resale. Whatever the category of blank firearms you are interested in, contact us to take advantage of the best wholesale prices on the market. 


Wholesale blanks for a wide range of professional customers

Your alarm weapons wholesaler in France allows armouries to have an efficient and reactive supply chain for the sale of their blank weapons of all kinds. Defence professionals, especially security and surveillance agencies, can contact us to supply their teams with pistols or alarm revolvers. These ergonomic weapons with powerful detonation will allow these defence and protection agents to easily dissuade any malicious person.

Law enforcement agencies can also request our wholesale sales and delivery service. The wholesale purchase of rifles of alarm pistols or blank assault rifles is also reserved for film makers. If the regulations in force are respected, our blank guns can be used to shoot scenes in action movies. Your blank gun wholesaler respects all specifications for your orders of pistols or alarm rifles: color of the weapon, caliber of the ammunition, brand of the accessories, etc.

All our models are tested in France at the Saint-Etienne test bench. We can thus attest to their reliability and safety of use before being put on sale. Do not hesitate to contact us to benefit from a purchase at the best price and a fast delivery of your defence weapons with white ammunition if you have a gun shop or if you have a security agency.