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Self Defence weapons wholesaler - CLICK ARMS

Wholesale of self-defence weapons

Are your customers concerned about their safety, and would you like to add effective non-lethal self-defence weapons to your shop? Click Arms offers a wide range of self-defence weapons at the best prices, specially designed for defence professionals and gunsmiths.

Our self-defence weapons are particularly effective for defending against aggression.

Our range of products includes :

  • brass knuckles
  • telescopic truncheons
  • shockers (tasers)
  • baseball bats for defence.

Designed for gunsmiths, hunting shop owners and defence professionals, our weapons provide assurance and safety. We offer different categories of self-defence weapons depending on the situation, your expectations and your clientele.

Are you looking for a cheap, deterrent and highly effective self-defence weapon? Discover our wide range of quality products and find the accessory you need.