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Wholesale brass knuckles

A genuine defensive weapon, the brass knuckles has been used by soldiers in various wars. Today, this weapon has become the defensive ally of both the weak and the strong when faced with aggression. As a wholesale importer of brass knuckles for defence, Click Arms offers top-quality defence products and accessories at unbeatable prices, aimed at defence professionals, gunsmiths and knife shop owners.

A wide choice of brass knuckles for gunsmiths

Normally known as a "brass knuckle", the brass knuckle is a contact defence weapon. The brass knuckles is a steel defensive accessory into which the fingers are inserted in the form of a ring. This defensive equipment is an extension of the bone joints. More practical than a knife, the brass knuckle is a defensive weapon that was used for hand-to-hand combat.

If you're looking for a wholesaler of pocket knives and other defensive weapons, Click Arms offers you these accessories at the best prices. As an importer and wholesaler of brass knuckles and other defensive weapons, we offer a wide range of accessories at wholesale prices. Among our various models of brass knuckles for defence that we have in stock, you can find :

  • thin brass knuckles in black or grey,
  • thick brass knuckles in black or grey,
  • poker knuckles,
  • skull and crossbones knuckles in black, gold or chrome,
  • AK47 brass knuckles...

Don't hesitate to consult our stock of weapons and defence accessories to choose the product that best suits your needs and your clientele. If you are a defence professional or a gunsmith, you are bound to find the ideal brass knuckles in the colour of your choice for your customers at an attractive price.

Why choose Click Arms' brass knuckles?

High-quality products and accessories, affordable prices, fast delivery, secure payment... Buying brass knuckles and other defensive weapons from your wholesaler offers many advantages.


Quality defensive weapons

Used to protect yourself during an attack, the brass knuckles we offer are high-quality defensive weapons. These accessories are made of metal (stainless steel or aluminium) and can be used by everyone, whatever their physical shape or morphology. Whether you're looking for a silver-grey AK47 knuckle-duster or a black poker knuckle-duster, you're bound to find your defence weapon in stock on our site.

Some of our models also have a better grip, such as the grip brass knuckles. This black and chrome model has a plastic grip that will help you hold your defensive weapon better.

When you choose Click Arms to buy your brass knuckles and other defensive accessories in bulk, you get excellent value for money.

Fast delivery

At Click Arms, we prepare and dispatch your order on the same day (during the week), regardless of the model of brass knuckles or defence accessories you order. We also offer one or more carriers depending on the weight of your order and your location.

Your brass knuckles wholesaler also regularly tracks your parcels and pallets with its various transport partners. This means we can guarantee fast delivery of your defensive weapons at very competitive prices.


Guaranteed products and impeccable after-sales service

Our after-sales service is available to you at any time by email or telephone. By choosing your knuckle-duster wholesaler for your defence weapons supplies, you benefit from quality services at the best prices for your shop.