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Wholesale Grenades and Smokes for Defence - CLICK ARMS

Wholesale Grenades and Fireworks

As an explosives risk trainer, you will need grenades and fireworks (smoke bombs) for simulation. Defence professionals and law enforcement officers also use these accessories for their training. That's why Click Arms sells grenades and fireworks for your simulation or training.

Grenades: use a wholesale distributor


Of French origin, the pomegranate owes its name to the fruit of the same name because of the size of the first pomegranates. In addition, soldiers likened the splinters of this accessory to the many seeds of the fruit. The grenade is a light weapon, spherical or ovoid in shape, held in the hand to be thrown and then exploded after a short time. You can, however, fire a hand grenade with a grenade launcher.

The grenade now exists in several variants and is used for defence purposes. To stock up on this type of product, law enforcement agencies will need to use the services of a simulation grenade wholesaler. As well as distributing blank weapons for training or defence, we are also a wholesaler of paintball and defence equipment.

So if you need defence equipment, don't hesitate to call on Click Arms. You will find grenades and fireworks (smoke grenades) in our stock of products at the best prices at your wholesaler. Whether it's a hand grenade, a stun grenade or a smoke pin, we're sure to have the right product for you.


Our selection of hand grenades for safe throwing


Although the hand grenade is used at close range and with a short blast radius, it takes a fairly long time to detonate. This makes for a safe throw. Choose the TAG-67 AIRSOFT or TAG-67 paintball hand grenade from TAG INNOVATION. Filled with 6 mm 0.20 g pellets, this grenade produces good fragmentation within a radius of 10 to 12 metres.

What's more, all the parts of this product are made of polyurethane, including the safety lever. So you won't be hurt if you're properly equipped for simulation or training. In fact, we recommend that you protect yourself with a mask and safety gloves. This will protect you in the event of the grenade exploding in your hands. Available from stock, these grenades are sold at a very good price. Take a look at our stock of products to choose the simulation grenade that best suits your defence needs.

You can also opt for the TAG INNOVATION FBG-6 deafening hand grenade at the best price. Available in our shop, this accessory is used to distract or neutralise enemies for a short period of time, in order to weaken their defences. Often used in airsoft scenarios, it can also be used as a fragmentation grenade simulator.


Our selection of smoke grenades for fast, easy and safe firing


Just like the grenade, a wide range of smoke grenades are on sale in our warehouse. These accessories release smoke, sometimes coloured, to destabilise opponents. At Click Arms, we stock a varied range of smoke grenades for defence professionals, law enforcement officers and explosives risk trainers.

The GD10 /15 S - WHITE and ED60/60 S - WHITE pin smoke grenades are top-quality products. Designed to simulate a battlefield, this pyrotechnic product, available at a very attractive price from your wholesaler, is ideal for military training and defence professionals. These smoke grenades release a thick, non-toxic white smoke. Safe, fast and easy to fire, they are very practical if you need to train people in the risks of pyrotechnic devices.

The TAG INNOVATION TAG-18 White smoke hand grenade is also a great product for training armed forces or gendarmerie officers. A copy of the US Army's MK-18 model, this product, available from WSD, deploys smoke from both sides. This considerably increases the density of the smoke cloud.

What's more, all our products are on sale at affordable prices, so you can train by creating realistic scenarios.


Our selection of flashbang grenades


Click Arms also stocks stun grenades. The Flashbang GH-2 stun grenade is a great choice of product. Featuring a quick and easy firing method, this grenade is perfectly suited to training and defence scenarios. You can also opt for the GP2/250 ML paint pin grenade.

Order your parts now from your simulation grenade wholesaler and receive delivery of the ideal product for your training.