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Wholesale folding tactical pocket knives THIRD - CLICK ARMS

THIRD Pocket Knives wholesaler

Pocket knives are versatile tools, widely used by many people for various activities such as fishing, hunting, cooking, camping... By folding them, it is very easy to carry or store pocket knives, which makes them very practical. One of the most popular pocket knives of the moment is the assisted opening knife, which you should definitely offer to enthusiasts of cooking, hunting or camping accessories. If you are looking for a wholesaler to supply you with power-operated pocket knives at a very good price, Click Arms is the ideal partner.

Add assisted opening pocket knives to your products

The cheap pocket knives available in our stock are of the folding type and manufactured by the Third brand. The special feature of these pocket knives is that they have an assisted opening, which allows the blade to be pulled out with little effort. This is usually possible due to the spring included in the handle of the tactical knife. This feature of the assisted opening pocket knife allows it to offer more safety when using it than the automatic opening knives.

This is because the opening of an assisted opening pocket knife is intentional, while the automatic opening knife can be opened involuntarily. All it takes is for the button on the auto-opening pocket knife to be pressed for the blade to unfold. This can be dangerous and cause injury and other damage to the owner of the pocket knife. For these reasons, it is imperative that you market Third pocket knives and Click Arms is the right wholesaler of knives and katanas at the right price.


Choose Click Arms for the purchase of quality pocket knives at a good price

Choosing Click Arms means opting for excellent quality pocket knives that are perfect for hunting, fishing, cooking or camping. Each folding knife we stock is made with premium materials. The blade of the assisted opening pocket knife is mainly made of stainless steel or pure steel. As for the handle of the folding pocket knife, it is made from aluminum or wood. This combination of materials creates strong and durable assisted opening pocket knives that your customers will enjoy for a long time.

In addition, the composition of these assisted opening pocket knives as well as their ergonomic shape makes them easy to hold. As a wholesaler, these pocket knives in stock are available with us at very attractive prices. You will be able to market them at low prices and enjoy comfortable margins on the sales of these assisted opening pocket knives. We also provide you with very attractive displays to showcase each tactical assisted opening knife and facilitate the sale of these accessories.


Elegantly designed pocket knives with Click Arms

The assisted opening pocket knives we sell also have a very elegant design. The shape of the steel blade of the knife can vary from a thin sword to a classic pocket knife. The steel blade can also have holes or ridges that allow fluids to flow out of the assisted opening pocket knife. Regarding its color, the steel blade can be golden, black, blue or natural...

For the handle of the assisted opening pocket knife, various patterns are available, such as: blue wave, skull and crossbones, firearms, deer and steel, wolf and gold decoration... Depending on the model of tactical knife, the pattern can extend on the steel blade. The shapes of the handle are also very varied, ranging from the surprising skeleton knife to the more classic curved handle, double curve and tactical knife with military camouflage pattern... Some pocket knives with assisted opening are also equipped with additional functions such as bottle opener, located on the back of the handle.