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Steel Katanas wholesale

Considered the embodiment of the samurai, the katana is an iconic Japanese sword renowned for its beauty and the tradition it embodies. Do you run a manga shop, bookshop or cutlery business? Are you looking for a wholesale distributor of decorative katanas? Click Arms offers you a wide range of Japanese decorative katanas at the best value for money.

Japanese katanas wholesale at competitive prices

Click Arms offers a range of decorative samurai katana models at attractive prices that will meet the expectations of katana enthusiasts and lovers of Japanese art. Our collection of decorative Japanese katanas includes many unique products in terms of style, pattern and materials.

At your knives and katanas wholesaler, you'll find carefully crafted Japanese decorative swords with steel or bamboo blades.

Most of the decorative katanas we offer at Click Arms are inspired by Japanese motifs or manga series:

  • decorative katana with red and black Dragon pattern,
  • katana deco pattern The Last Samurai,
  • katana deco pattern Demon Slayer,
  • katana deco pattern One Piece,
  • katana deco Japanese white and black pattern,
  • katana deco pattern Naruto...

Our stock also includes mini katanas, also known as Tanto, which will be a hit with your customers. 

At your Click Arms katana wholesaler, you'll find decorative products that combine aesthetics and authenticity at competitive prices. Log on and place your wholesale order for Japanese decorative katanas for your manga shop, your shop selling decorative knives and swords, your bookshop...


wholesale katanas


Order katanas in bulk and benefit from quality products

The katanas offered by your wholesale distributor Click Arms are made by professional craftsmen to the highest standards. From the blade to the handle, each katana is unique. You can choose the katana models you want, taking into account features such as the overall length of the katana, the materials used, and the size and thickness of the blade.

In addition to decorative katanas or samurai swords, Click Arms also offers katana stands at the best prices. These stands can hold two or three katanas. In our collection, you will also find a black wooden display stand for 10 katanas to decorate your point of sale.


Responsive customer service and fast delivery of our Japanese decorative katanas

When you buy wholesale katanas from Click Arms at an attractive price, you benefit from responsive customer service with a team dedicated to helping you through the process of buying your decorative samurai swords. In addition to providing you with personalised assistance, your WSD katana wholesaler also offers a fast and secure delivery process for your products. Your products will be dispatched anywhere in France and Europe within 24 hours of placing your order.

Order these decorative items from your wholesaler with confidence and at attractive prices. Log on now to find out the price of each Japanese decorative katana. Depending on your requirements (number of pieces, katana handle, blade size), we can provide you with a detailed quote for katanas.