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Are you a gunsmith looking for bullets for your T4E type projectile weapons that are heavier than the original bullets, to increase the power of your weapons and meet the needs of your customers? Then you've come to the right place!

Rubber-Ball & Rubber-Steel Ball

Discover CLICK ARMS Rubber-Balls

Click Arms is the specialist in the supply of defensive equipment. We have a global experience in defensive equipment ranging from the American point to the blank gun and the baseball bat. Among the defensive accessories offered by Click Arms, the projectiles occupy an important place. We offer our customers various products including rubber balls. 

Rubber balls are rubber balls for defensive use. Propelled by a launcher, they can easily repel an aggressor. The choice of the rubber ball is therefore important. Each product can have different characteristics. Click Arms as a specialist wholesaler of defense equipment brings you its expertise in selecting the best products. 

That's why we have chosen to design our own hard rubber balls under the Rubber-Ball brand. These balls have advantageous characteristics, some of which offer a manufacturing process combining rubber and steel. 


Rubber Balls and Rubber Steel

Click Arms has made the choice to offer its professional customers the best possible product. That's why we've chosen rubber balls and rubber steel that combine rubber and metal. These are extra heavy hard rubber balls (and metal for the Steel version) with a reinforced kinetic shock effect.  Rubber-Balls are high quality balls for maximum efficiency and compatible with T4E caliber 0.43 - 0.50 and 0.68 defense weapons.

The hard rubber and metal balls transfer even more kinetic energy on impact due to their greater mass. They are made of a homogeneous mixture of rubber and ultra fine metal powder which significantly increases the density of the balls. Of course, the quality and constitution of rubber balls is not everything and the neutralizing effect will be all the more important as the energy (in joules) of the weapon will be high. 

In addition to its effectiveness, the Rubber Steel ball offers its users an appreciable practicality. When used for target practice, it is possible to pick up the balls with a magnet.

Rubber balls and Rubber Steel are the ideal product to ensure an effective defense. However, do not confuse them with soft rubber balls (less heavy, without neutralizing effect, and brightly colored) intended for paintball activities. 


Technical characteristics of Rubber Steel

Among the range of rubber balls offered by Click Arms, the Rubber Steel ball represents a great innovation that significantly improves the defensive capacity of the shot and the projectile. The idea, clever, was to mix in a ball, rubber and steel fiber. This technique will make the ball heavier and more solid. The problem with standard rubber balls is their ability to deform on impact, losing kinetic energy and therefore efficiency. The rigidity provided by the use of metal will prevent the ball from deforming too much and preserve its effectiveness. 

Rubber Steel balls will therefore gain in weight to reach 7 grams on the scale against a little more than 1 gram for standard rubber balls. The difference is significant as well as the efficiency. So be careful when handling these rubber balls. 


Choosing CLICK ARMS for rubber balls

For over 20 years the Wicked Sportz group has been the specialist wholesaler in the distribution of outdoor activity equipment such as paintball, inflatable bubbles, gel blasters and recreational shooting. Our Click Arms brand specialises in defence equipment and offers a selection of the best products for gunsmiths and defence professionals. 

Click Arms places great importance on the quality of the products we offer. We want to provide our professional customers with the best possible equipment. This is achieved by carefully selecting the equipment and accessories we offer. Thus, our defense equipment ensures you an optimal protection with the best rubber balls and the best technologies with the Rubber Steel.